The Vision

Building Pathways to Better Lives and Communities

Children Playing
The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Mission

Improve the quality of life through educational opportunities

The organization matches each student with a personal “Education Navigator” who will guide and provide a high-level of support to assist participants in completing the complex requirements to gain a foothold in today’s system of higher education. Completing complicated entrance application forms, the financial aid process, connecting to college support services in terms of scholarships, grants, and obtaining textbooks, selecting/enrolling in classes, and choosing a major are all required when pursuing higher education in the 21st century. The process is complex for even the best-prepared students. For those approaching the process from a disadvantaged position, it can be overwhelming and discouraging to the point the individuals may simply give up. It is EducationCorps’ mission to link the individual desiring education with the education system to make the process less foreboding.

Other services offered by EducationCorps include developing and strengthening students’ reading and writing skills, identifying individual learning styles, communication skills, study skills, interviewing skills, financial literacy, social behavioral skills, building self-confidence/esteem, decision-making skills, time management skills, community service development, and overall “success in life” skills.


The Goal

Building Futures for Individuals, Families and Communities

The purpose and overall goal of EducationCorps is to provide outreach to under-served, and/or low-to-moderate-income individuals through high schools, GED programs, public housing programs, the workforce, and the community. These targeted populations need high levels of support to navigate the complex requirements to enter, return to, and/or complete college degrees, vocational education, or job training programs. EducationCorps is designed to provide these individuals the information and resources needed to succeed in educational endeavors and in life.